Our mission at RadioFlare is to help regain what internet and digital music has done to change the industry. Why stray from these valuable digital platforms when the industry has the ability to harness the awesome power of the internet and regain listenership by reteaching listeners to become music fans again.

Services include:

Custom WordPress Sites/Blogs
Podcast and Online Delivery Optimization
Strategic Search Engine Optimization Services
Niche Network Integration
Social Media Strategy // Social Media Integration
Online Producer Services
Email Marketing Campaigns
Online Publishing
Advertising Network Integration/Training
Station Development/Strategic Vision

RadioFlare Blog:

Do your DJ’s play well online?

Everyone loves a funny DJ, especially when they're playing your favorite songs.  But when it comes online strategy, those tongue-and-cheek comments that work well on the air, might not translate well online.   Not to mention, when something is published on the internet, it's going to live … [Read More...]

Rule Number 1

Creating an online strategy for radio stations

Rule #1: Don't just pass it all off to your intern. In today's world, there's no doubt that social strategy needs to be a major component of a radio station's overall outreach program.  Frankly, radio programs have the unique benefit of the ability to build followership through on-air content.  … [Read More...]

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